Who Was Cristhian Annes? Bodybuilder Influencer Dies At 34 

Cristhian Annes, a Brazilian bodybuilder, was born with a single kidney. Despite having no prior issues with his kidney, a routine blood test in 2022 revealed that it was not functioning properly.

Unfortunately, Cristhian had to wait over a year for treatment as his health rapidly deteriorated.

What happened to Cristhian Annes?

Two months ago, he was placed on a transplant waiting list, but there were still 69 individuals ahead of him. On January 20, his condition worsened, and he was urgently admitted to the hospital. Tragically, Cristhian passed away on Monday while awaiting a new organ.

As a personal trainer, he had always maintained an active lifestyle, and his girlfriend, Wanna Teixeira, confirmed that his single kidney had never posed any problems before. However, the blood test revealed high levels of creatinine and urea, indicating kidney issues. It is a devastating loss for his loved ones and the bodybuilding community.

‘He stayed quiet when he got the results because everything was off,’ his partner Wanna told the local media.

‘And he didn’t want to tell anyone. He refused to undergo treatment.’

Annes decided to share his health concerns with his coach a year after receiving the results, hoping for guidance. However, due to the poorly functioning kidney, his condition deteriorated significantly, leading to major complications.

What happened to Cristhian Annes?
Annes joined the waiting list after his coach voiced concerns over his healthCredit: Jam Press

Wanna added: ‘Now, finally, he had hope, but there wasn’t enough time.’

Annes boasted 42,300 followers and kept them entertained with snaps of his beefy physique, as well as images of his clients’ amazing transformations.

According to the authorities in Paraná, Brazil, where Annes resided, 2,011 individuals were waiting for a kidney transplant in December. However, in January, he received the news that he had moved up the waiting list and could potentially receive a kidney within a few weeks.

Annes was employed at gyms in Ponta Grossa and was known to have a postgraduate degree in bodybuilding coaching and sports nutrition.

Additionally, he actively participated in bodybuilding competitions and also pursued modelling opportunities. Despite medical advice to rest, Annes expressed his love for sports and refused to halt his training. Sadly, he was laid to rest in Ponta Grossa yesterday.

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