Who Was DJ Big Jack Armstrong? Tributes Pour In As Idaho Artist Dies Aged 69

Who Was DJ Big Jack Armstrong? Tributes Pour In As Idaho Artist Dies Aged 69
Who Was DJ Big Jack Armstrong? Tributes Pour In As Idaho Artist Dies Aged 69

Idaho is in a state of mourning, as one of its own, DJ Big Jack Armstrong, has died. Tributes have since been pouring in from everyone who knew him.

Having been announced to have passed at the age of sixty-nine years old, there has been a spark in the number of people wanting to know more about him.

In this report, we are going to delve into the details of his death and what it means to the community. We will also provide as much information as we can about who DJ Big Jack Armstrong was.

The Death of DJ Big Jack Armstrong

DJ Big Jack Armstrong, a KF95 star, passed away last weekend at the age of 69. His family has not yet released a statement announcing his passing, and the cause of death has not been made public. According to Boise Dev, he worked for several radio stations throughout the years, including KF95 and Kool 104.

Tammy Bettencourt-Selee, the music producer for Harmon Travel – Concerts at Sea, verified Armstrong’s passing by sharing a Facebook post featuring several images and writing, “It is with deep sadness to announce the passing of Big Jack Armstrong. Jack was instrumental in the development and success of Concerts At Sea. Our loving condolences to his daughter Cortni and son TJ. I will be forever grateful for his friendship and support!”

What Was DJ Big Jack Armstrong Known For?

His death represents a sad loss to the community, and this is largely because of the way he carried himself and his dedication to the service of his people in his capacity.

What was DJ Big Jack Armstrong known for?

Throughout his career, DJ Big Jack Armstrong received appreciation from his audience for his vocals, which helped him acquire popularity. According to Boise Dev, he began his career as a radio DJ at various Lewiston and Orofino stations before rising to fame at KBBK/Magic 92 and KF95.

He lived with his mother, who passed away in 2023. Then, according to his brother Doug, he moved with his sister to a different home and was honored by the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation in April of the same year.

Dave Arthur, DJ Big Jack Armstrong’s coworker, disclosed that his first goal was to play the tunes on his radio station ahead of his rivals.

“In order for him to get the song on before the competition, he sent Wombat (a staffer) to the airport broadcasting live to pick up the song. He’d have it on before anyone else. He would get so fired up about doing anything to needle the competition.”

DJ Big Jack Armstrong gave credit to his listeners in an interview with the Lewiston Tribune for his success. He was also invited to a number of Boise events, and his presence there caused enormous crowds at the venues.

DJ Big Jack Armstrong Reportedly Suffered Stroke Prior to Death

Armstrong has experienced several health problems in the past, including a stroke in May 2013, according to KTVB7. He was admitted to the hospital right away, and in September of that year, he started working again. Due to a consequence of the stroke, he was unable to talk normally and required physical and speech therapy.

At the time, he was also the owner of Oldies 1380 AM, a radio station. His daughter, Cortni, was in charge of everything within the station while he was in the hospital. According to Cortni, the station was bought by her father approximately three months prior.

“I had to manage the whole business side of the operation which I had never done before. It was literally sink or swim, trial by fire. I grew up quick.”

Along with his siblings, other family members, and his granddaughters, DJ Big Jack Armstrong is survived by his children, TJ and Cortni.

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