Who Was John Snowling? Details About Historic Biker Bar Shooting Suspect As Police ID Victims

When the news broke that the man at the center of the mass shooting in the Orange County bar, named Cook’s Corner, that left many people dead and several others injured, was John Snowling, many people searched for information about who he was and what had become of him. In this write-up, we delve into the details of the heartbreaking story and the man suspected to be the orchestrator of it all.

Although the shooting resulted in the deaths of three people, it also left six other people injured, and the shooter was ultimately shot and killed by police. On Friday, August 25, 2023, the identities of the three victims who were pronounced dead at the site were made public.

The 59-year-old shooter, a former police officer, killed John Leehey, 67, Tonya Clark, 49, and Glen Sprowl Jr., 53. Authorities said the shooting, which happened on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, was reported to the victims’ relatives.

The Ventura Police Department released a statement that said, “Our hearts weigh heavy with the distressing incident at Cook’s Corner,” shared Chief Darin Schindler of the Ventura Police Department. “Our deepest condolences are with the families of the victims, the survivors, and the Orange County deputies who swiftly responded to the scene. This incident deeply affects us all.”

According to Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes, before shooting his wife, Marie Snowling, John Snowling entered Cook’s Corner and approached her. Marie survived the shooting despite suffering some injuries.

It’s important to note that Snowling started shooting at other patrons at the bar after killing his wife.

Who Was John Snowling?

There are not many details about the early life of John Snowling, but he is reported to be a former security officer who had retired from service. An employee of the Orange County District Attorney’s office identified the alleged shooter as retired Ventura Police Department sergeant John Snowling, 59. Snowling joined the Ventura Police Department in 1986 and worked there until he resigned in February 2014. Before opening fire at Cook’s Corner, he went from Ohio to Trabuco Canyon, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Ex-cop John Snowling First Shot His Wife

It is quite unthinkable how this happened, as the ex-cop reportedly shot his wife and then opened fire on the other people around him.

On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, a fatal shooting occurred in a well-known bar in Orange County. Authorities later shot and killed the shooter, who was later identified as 59-year-old Jon Snowling, a former police officer. At one time, Snowling worked for the Ventura Police Department.

John Snowling enlisted in the military in 1978 and left as a sergeant in 2014. He apparently had an outstanding track record both as a liaison officer for homeless people and in the traffic division. His old coworkers have indicated how shocked they are by the current series of events.

John was a member of a patrol squad at Pacific View Mall in the 2000s. In the same interview, he said that the mall wasn’t LA, where there had been gunshots and stabbings. Additionally, John Snowling said the mall was a “pretty safe mall.”

Snowling also served as the organization’s leader for a considerable period of time. An unnamed person who knows John Snowling claimed that he gave the association’s members his all in order to ensure their welfare.

Don Barnes claims that when John entered the pub and shot his now-divorced wife, who had filed for divorce some months prior, he had two weapons on him. Then he started firing haphazardly at other patrons of the bar.

“We do not believe there was any argument that ensued, he drew a weapon, he fired upon his wife, soon to be ex-wife. She was struck once,” Barnes noted.

Marie Snowling survived the shooting that resulted in the deaths of three people despite receiving a gunshot wound to the lower jaw. Six individuals were hurt overall, and as of Thursday, two of them were in critical condition.

According to AP News, John Snowling didn’t handle the divorce well, according to William Mosby, a father figure to Marie.


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