Who was Nermin Sulejmanovic wife?

In a tragic and horrifying incident, a man in Bosnia, Nermin Sulejmanovic live-streamed the murder of his ex-wife on Instagram. The distressing event was followed by a shooting spree that claimed the lives of two additional individuals before the assailant turned the gun on himself.


The individual, identified as Nermin Sulejmanovic by Bosnian media, hailed from the northeastern Bosnian town of Gradacac. He initiated the disturbing sequence of events by posting an alarming video on Instagram, in which he chillingly forewarned viewers of a live murder.

The video documented Sulejmanovic taking up a firearm and tragically shooting a woman in the forehead. Heart-wrenchingly, the anguished cries of the couple’s baby daughter echoed in the background of the footage.

Sulejmanovic, 35 years old, confirmed that he spared the infant’s life amidst this gruesome act.

During the video, Sulejmanovic conveyed his grievance, stating, “I warned everyone that it would come to this. She has been hiding my child for eight days. I’m waiting to load my weapon and move on.”

Reports indicate that Sulejmanovic was not only a fitness coach but also a gang member, with several convictions related to violence, physical altercations, and drug trafficking.

As authorities initiated a search for the suspect following the broadcasted murder, Sulejmanovic posted another video on Instagram, claiming to have shot at least two more people while evading capture.


Who Is Nermin Sulejmanovic Wife?

The ex-wife of Nermin Sulejmanovic was the victim of the tragic incident. The horrific incident describes how she fell victim to a murderous act of violence that was live-streamed on Instagram.

In the video, Sulejmanovic can be seen taking a gun and firing a bullet into her forehead. The cries of their baby daughter, who was also present during the incident, can be heard in the background, adding to the distressing nature of the event.

The victim, Sulejmanovic confirmed that he left the infant daughter alive after committing this shocking act. The motive behind this violent act remains undisclosed.


What Did Nermin Sulejmanovic Do?

Nermin Sulejmanovic was involved in a horrifying and tragic incident. He live-streamed the murder of his ex-wife on Instagram, an act that shocked and horrified viewers. The video depicted him using a firearm to fatally shoot the woman in the forehead.

The cries of their baby daughter were also heard in the background, adding to the distressing nature of the event. After committing this act, Sulejmanovic confirmed that he spared the life of the infant daughter.

Following the initial incident, Sulejmanovic went on a shooting rampage, where he reportedly killed two other individuals before ultimately taking his own life.

He posted videos on Instagram claiming responsibility for these additional killings while evading capture.


Nermin Sulejmanovic Murder: Police Investigation 

A police statement from the northeastern Bosnian town of Tuzla revealed that apart from the three lives lost, three others were injured before the perpetrator “committed suicide after being located and before being apprehended.”

While additional details are awaited, individuals who expressed support through comments on the assailant’s Instagram posts may face legal inquiries.

In response to this horrific incident, Nermin Niksic, the Prime Minister of the Bosnian Federation, shared his sorrowful sentiments, stating, “I have no words to describe what happened today in Gradacac. The murderer took his own life in the end, but no one can bring back the lives of the victims.”

As the authorities investigate the incident, the motives behind these tragic events remain a subject of speculation and concern.


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