Who Was Toto Cutugno Wife, Carla Cutugno? 

This article will inform readers about the wife of Toto Cutugno, famous Italian singer-songwriter and composer, Carla Cutugno.

Who is Toto Cutugno?

Cutugno was born to a housewife and a Sicilian sea marshal from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in Tendola, a section of Fosdinovo, Lunigiana, Tuscany. After his birth, his family promptly moved to La Spezia in Liguria.

Cutugno was born on July 7, 1943, and died on August 22, 2023, hence he was 80 years of age at the time of his death.

He rose to stardom thanks to the song “L’Italiano,” which was included on his self-titled album released in 1983.

At the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest in Zagreb, Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia, Cutugno won with the song “Insieme: 1992,” for which he also wrote the lyrics and music.

What is the career of Toto Cutugno?

Before starting Toto e I Tati at the age of 19, Cutugno first worked as a drummer. Subsequently, he collaborated with Mario Limongelli and Lino Losito to form the disco band Albatros.

The French-American singer Joe Dassin’s most well-known songs, including “Le Jardin du Luxembourg” (co-written with Vito Pallavicini), “Et if tu n’existais pas,” and “L’été indien,” were all influenced by him when he started a career as a songwriter.

He co-wrote songs for Dalida’s “Monday Tuesday… Laissez moi danser” and for Johnny Hallyday, Mireille Mathieu, Ornella Vanoni, Domenico Modugno, Claude François, Gigliola Cinquetti, Gérard Lenorman, Michel Sardou, Hervé Vilard, and Paul Mauriat.

In 1976, their first year of competition, Albatros finished third at the Sanremo Music Festival with the song “Volo AZ 504”.

When he returned to the Sanremo Music Festival in 1980, Cutugno won the competition with the song “Solo noi” (English: “Just us”). But, the song he sang in 1983 called “L’Italiano” (“The Italian”) is what most people think of when they think of Cutugno.

In six more Sanremo festival competitions, Cutugno would finish in second place: in 1984 with the song “Serenata” (Serenade); in 1987 with the song “Figli” (Sons or “Children”); in 1988 with the song “Emozioni” (Emotions”); in 1989 with the song “Le mamme” (Mothers”); and in 1990 with the song “Gli amori” (Loves).

As a songwriter, Cutugno composed hit songs for numerous artists during the 1980s, notably Miguel Bosé (the Festivalbar-winning song “Super Superman”), Adriano Celentano (“Il tempo se ne va”), Luis Miguel (“Ragazzi di oggi”), Fausto Leali (“Io amo”), Peppino di Capri (“Il sognatore”), Ricchi e Poveri (“Canzone damore), and Fiordaliso (“Per noi” and “Se non avessi te”).

Cutugno won the Eurovision Song Contest in Zagreb in 1990 with his original song “Insieme: 1992,” a ballad that lauded the creation of the European Union and the European Political Union.

In 2014, Cutugno was the focus of the Facebook page La stessa foto di Toto Cutugno ogni giorno (literally, “The same photo of Toto Cutugno every day”), which quickly went viral and received thousands of likes, shares, and comments. The case later became the subject of a study by the Institute for Advanced Study in Pavia.

A group of Ukrainian lawmakers attempted to prevent Cutugno from performing in Kyiv in March 2019 by writing an open letter to Vasyl Hrytsak, the head of the nation’s security services, pleading with him to do so. They described the singer as “a Russian war supporter in Ukraine” and demanded that he prohibit the singer from entering Ukrainian territory.

Who is the wife of Toto Cutugno

Toto Cutugno Wife
Toto Cutugno and his wife back in the days

Cutugno was married to Carla Cutugno from 1971 until his death. In 1990, he had his only son, Nico, from an extramarital relationship. Carla is a very private woman who has never succumbed to the limelight.

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