Whoever supports Afia Schwar against me in our feud has inherited her evil spirits- Nana Tornado

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In the words of Odii Tornado, whoever supports Afia Schwarzenegger who he now calls Asibolanga amongst a flurry of other funny monikers, has inherited her evil spirits.

The duo crossed swords recently after Tornado said his rival’s children, John Irvin Heerdegen Geiling and James Ian Heerdegen Geiling are studying a non-existent course at the University of Legon, which he hilariously labelled as Dondology.

He concocted this outrageous accusation to escalate their long-running feud, which recently got worse in a back-to-back video conversation between the two that was full of exaggerated claims.

Then, in his customarily vituperative manner, Tornado opened fire by informing Afia that her late father was a nobody who worked as a drugstore attendant in Kwadaso, Kumasi before he could eat.

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In contrast to what Afia had before stated in a counterattack she had launched against him, he went on to say that he is not a school dropout.

He disclosed that he went to DEKS Educational Institute and Chemu Senior High School, two of Tema’s best and most prominent schools, which he claims are just for wealthy children.

Tornado also disclosed that before he became a priest, his father, a very respectable and responsible man, used to work for SIC Insurance Company PLC.

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In the corresponding video attached to this report to corroborate the report, Odii said any Ghanaian who pitches camp with Afia against him certainly has her evil spirit although he admitted it’s not everyone who doesn’t like her.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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