Why arrest and jail people 10yrs for smoking ‘small wee’ while other nations are cashing in – Sefa Kayi asks Akufo Addo

The Narcotic Commission Bill passed in 2019 legalized the growth of a strain of cannabis for medicinal purposes, however, the intake and sale of marijuana or cannabis remain illegal in Ghana.

And it’s at the back of the restrictions that Kwami Sefa Kayi of Peace FM fame has questioned why Ghana continues to hold on to outmoded laws that ban the use and possession of marijuana.

The respected journalist is a firm believer that it’s illogical for Ghana to hold on to such laws when other countries are raking millions of dollars in revenue from its trade and usage.

“Why are we focusing everything on the smoking of the herb and we’ve zeroed in on that and so from when before independence, we were burning marijuana farms, marijuana farms because it is on our statutory books. If those who used to arrest people for transporting, importing, or exporting marijuana, today, are trading among themselves, today, have found medicinal value for marijuana, why are we still sitting here arresting people for possessing (marijuana).

So he has one roll of marijuana; something small and we will jail him for 10 years and yet, it is a multi-billion dollar business out there. Why are we refusing to think outside the box?” he questioned in an interview on JoyNews TV.

Kwami Sefa Kayi, therefore, stated categorically that it’s high time our leaders considered thinking about the economic potential of marijuana else Ghana will continue to lose out whiles other countries are cashing in on the potentials of the drug.


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