Why Do Some Christians Act “Holy” On Sundays And Continue With Evil The Rest Of The Days? – Efia Odo Quizzes

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It is a very common thing to see people go to church on Sundays. It has become a normal tradition for most Christians in Ghana to dress up in various African prints to church.

However Ghanaian Actress and TV personality,Efia Odo, has blasted Christians over what she describes as their self-righteous behavior during church hours on Sundays.

According to the Kwese TV host, A lot of Christians behave in a way that suggests they have higher standards or more noble beliefs.

They pretend to be holy and worship on Sundays and immediately return to their evil deeds on the other days which is such a shameful set of circumstances to be portrayed by people who claim to be the sons and daughters of God.

On her official Twitter handle, she further reprimanded them on how they spend just few hours on expression of reverence and adoration to the almighty but rather squander on unnecessary activities which remotes their relationship with the holy spirit.

In her post she wrote;

Lol people act holy and worship on Sundays and not even the whole day, just 2-4 hours then right go back to being evil on the other days” She criticized.



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