“Why Do Strangers Love You Better Than People You Care For?”, Yemi Alade Quizzes

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Yemi Alade, the Nigerian Afropop singer is struggling to come to terms with the situation where strangers tend to love, support, and hail you more the people that you do care about.

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Yemi Eberechi Alade, known professionally as Yemi Alade
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Sometimes, the people so close to you do not see your impact even when you try your best to do whatever they want for them; they tend to even hate you for what you do.

To Yemi Alade, this is unfathomable as she cannot just wrap her head around it.

Ordinarily, the people whom you’re so close to, and share things with should hold you in high esteem but, unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

This has somewhat given legitimacy to the saying that a prophet isn’t welcomed in their own home.

Sometimes when you need the support of any kind, you’re sure to get it from strangers than from the people you care about and this is something that puzzles everyone including Yemi Alade who apparently can’t keep it and has decided to voice it out for answers.

“I will never understand why strangers love you better than people you care for,” Yemi Alade fumed.

There are quite a number of reasons why people we care about will not love or support us.

sometimes, we tend to put up certain behaviours that make us unworthy of any support, in that instance, a total stranger would be preferred to us because no one would want their support to go waste.

Our loved ones would prefer to offer support to a stranger than those of us close to them who just sit back and expect everything to be given to us without making any efforts that would suggest we need some push.

There are those who would also believe that people close to us would prefer strangers to us because they wouldn’t want to support us to come to their level so that they can keep dominating.

Whatever the case may be, this has, unfortunately, come to stay and sometimes, we are contributors because we tend to feel some form of entitlements from our loved ones without making any efforts. In that instance, they’ll rather support someone out there than us.

Kindly share your views on the matter. Have you had that experience where a stranger loved you better than the people you care about? What was it you did to court the support of the stranger/s?

We want to learn.

See Yemi Alade’s post on Twitter;





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