“Why don’t you bring your sisters to find out?” – Bisa Kdei reacts to allegation that he is ‘gay’

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"Why don't you bring your sisters to find out?" – Bisa Kdei reacts to allegation that he is 'gay'

Ghanaian highlife crooner, Bisa Kdei has reacted to and refuted claims made by a blogger suggested that he is a homosexual (gay).

This was an earlier allegation made by an Instagram user called Arrogant prick which was echoed by Globecalls.com.

Per the content of the Blogger’s article, Arrogant Prick has alleged that Bisa Kdei is gay…an allegation which cannot be independently verified or corroborated by the blogger.

Bisa Kdei has hilariously reacted to the post and in effect taken wind out of the sails of Arrogant Prick’s allegation that he is gay which was carried by Globecalls.com.

In a retweet, Bisa Kdei said the blogger or whoever made the comments should bring his or her sisters so they can attest to the fact that he is indeed straight or gay.

In a nutshell, Bisa Kdei has debunked the allegation and stated that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Therefore, until a lady is provided by the alligators, Ghanaians should take everything they say concerning his sexuality with a pinch of salt.

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