Why Ghana and Nigeria should not be compared- Anne-Sophie Avé

Anne-Sophie Ave, a former French ambassador to Ghana, offered her thoughts on the comparison that is frequently drawn between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians.

She expressed her displeasure with these parallels in an interview with Andy Dosty, urging Ghanaian music fans to adopt a more impartial attitude and acknowledging Nigeria as a pioneer in the promotion of Afrobeat music throughout Africa.

She stressed how important Nigeria’s contribution to the rise in popularity of Afrobeat music has been.

Ave also mentioned how Nigeria’s size—250 million people—has been essential to the country’s success because it gives it access to a sizable market and fan following for its music. She pointed out that good music transcends demographics, yet having a large population undoubtedly helps one reach a larger audience and make money.

Additionally, the former French ambassador counseled Ghanaian musicians to concentrate on promoting themselves not only within Ghana but also throughout the continent and beyond.

She pushed musicians to extend beyond their native country and take over foreign markets by stressing the value of effective promotion and media attention.

Essentially, Anne-Sophie Ave’s viewpoint emphasizes the distinctiveness of each nation’s music scene while acknowledging Nigeria’s leadership in the Afrobeat genre and the benefits of its sizable populace.

She advises Ghanaian musicians to aggressively market themselves on a larger platform in order to experience comparable success.

“The comparison doesn’t make sense, yes, it is Afrobeat, but let’s look at it like Nigeria is paving the way, is opening the doors for the entire African continent.” Anne-Sophie Ave stated.


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