Why I always want to see people happy- Davido shares in a fresh interview

Davido has claimed that he enjoys making others smile and that this tendency is entirely ingrained in his DNA.

In addition, the multi-award-winning singer, who recently experienced tragedy with the death of his only child David Ifeanyi Adeleke Jr., talked about going into the studio late at night to record while his crew is generally sleeping.

Davido stated this during an exclusive 24-hour interview series with Nigerian YouTuber Tayo Aina and said that he works too hard. Davido also said that while he dislikes unpleasant auras and unfavourable energy, he finds satisfaction in making other people happy for no apparent reason.

He was talking about his five-month absence from the music scene and how he is now back to ruling the business.

In the next five to six years, according to the DMW boss, he wants to leave an enduring impression. He claimed that God had greatly blessed them and he did not want to squander the new opportunity to steer a wider course.

He said; “I love making people happy, I don’t know why, that bad feeling I don’t like it and I don’t want anybody to have it, not even my enemy. We are back solidified, cemented, they are confused brother. I work too hard Tayo, everybody is sleeping, I am up recording.God has blessed us so much that let’s not waste this next run. This next five, six years, I need to own this shxx”

Watch the video below:


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