Why I don’t feel like releasing a new album- 50 Cent gives his reason

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According to 50 Cent, he has reached a moment where he is no longer concerned about releasing a whole album in order to connect with his core fans.

The rapper admitted to Ebro In The Morning that, at this point in his career, he will feel equally as ecstatic as he did with top-charting albums like Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ or The Massacre if a lesser production of original music has the same effect on his fans.

“If I give [my fans] an EP and they feel is a monster;” Fif said, “if I call it a soundtrack and I put five or six songs of my material inside it and they love it, I’ll still have the same gratification. I’m on tour right now, I just did Prague last night, the O2 [Arena] sold out; I do it again tonight. You see what I’m saying?”

He continued: “I’m on a world tour right now. What I need, a new CD to do it? We’re starting to enter that stage where Prince was at, where he could say, ‘Yo, Imma do a show tonight,’ and it sells out.”

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He continued by saying that after realizing that his core audience, who were in college or “having an adult experience” for the first time when he initially entered the scene, are now at a totally different stage of life, he has changed how he goes about producing new songs or videos.

“Now, those people are 43 years old,” he remarked. “They’re having that drink that they would have on premises at the night club, they’re having at home now. They meet the person that they’re hanging out with somewhere else, not in the nightlife. Cuz their kids are partying there.”

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SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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