Why I want to use my parents for money ritual- Man shockingly says in a video 

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A man who hails from Nigeria has been spotted in a video revealing why he wouldn’t hesitate using his parents for money rituals.

Justifying himself in the short footage that could potentially drop your jaw, the young man said even his mother gets wind of his diabolical act and pleads for mercy, he’ll shove her somewhere to quicken her death.

When asked if he can use his father for money rituals, he said that his dad is the easiest option as he doesn’t ”give a f*ck” about him.

When he was further probed on if he would go ahead with the ritual if he’s told he has only 3 months to enjoy the money, he stated that he is okay with such an arrangement.

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He concluded by saying that if his parents gave a f*ck about him, they would have hustled to make him comfortable.

Watch the video below;

In another report coming in from Nigeria indicates that a suspected thief who was given a hot chase by two men plunged into a river and was never to be seen again.

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Worst, the two men who pursued him also drowned as of press time, they have not been found dead or alive. It was gathered that the incident happened on Saturday afternoon, October 2, as the two men pursued the thief, who later jumped into the Amilengbe river to escape being caught.

An account given by an eyewitness to the Nigerian Tribune recalled that it was the shout of thief!’, ‘thief!!’ that drew the attention of some of the people who gathered at a welder shop close to the river.

“Suddenly, the alleged thief jumped into the river and started swimming before the two people that were chasing him jumped after him. But after a while, we didn’t see any trace of them again. We became agitated after more than 30 minutes before we decided to inform officials of the State Fire service for help.”

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Read more plus video here.



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