“Why I wear veil to cover my heavy-duty backside” – Gospel artist Celestine Donkor tells her reasons

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Ghanaian gospel artist Celestine Donkor has given her reasons for wearing veils to cover her huge backside.

According to her, although she is well-endowed, she has chosen to cover her goodies in order not to distract the attention of her fans and followers.

In a Facebook post, Celestine Donkor intimated that she has always been aware of how God has favoured and blessed her with a huge backside. However, for the sake of her work as a gospel minister, she has taken the personal decision to cover it up.

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She added that she has always been a centre of attention from her teenage years thus she does not want her huge backside to lead others to have lustful desires which could probably lead them to sin hence her decision to wear veils all the time.

Celestine Donkor wrote:

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Someone asked me why almost all my dresses have a veil at the back, the person said my dressing is becoming one way.

>>Well here is my answer:

I am very much aware that God has seriously favoured my backside That thing my mama gave me is heavy-duty Since my teenage days, people like staring at my behind. So I decided to always cover it as much as I can with a veil so they can “focus on my voice and my songs” So I am sorry you are gonna be seeing more veils

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I hope my answer makes sense though #JesusIsLord #OnlyYou #weHaveATESTIMONY

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