Why men should stop asking their women to go for botors enlargement- Charlotte Oduro says

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Charlotte Oduro has humbly implored men to stop encouraging their partners to go for butts enlargement to elevate their self-esteem and more lovable in their eyes.

“Men should desist from forcing women to go in for Brazilian Butt Lift because they want their women to have big buttocks. These things affect the health of women, and some even die through the process.

“Any man who wants a lady with a big butt should go for that right away but not to change natural women to suit their preference,” she stated.

The famed counsellor and founder of Real Woman in Me said a lot of errors that occur during the surgery and its associated high death risk that have been recorded in recent times should discourage women from doing liposuction just to please their men.

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Madam Charlotte while projecting her sentiment on Okay FM also reminded women that modern men don’t fall for their looks or what they have behind them but go for intelligence.

“No serious man would go in for a woman because of looks. Butts and looks lose their attractiveness with time. However, an intelligent woman when married would always contribute to the success of their husbands,” she argued.

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