Why my husband loves it when I wear Jalabiyas- Regina Daniels opens up

As interpreted in her post, the actress said she receives warm compliments from her billionaire husband any time she rocks a Jalabiya.

And, since she is the type whose head gets inflated with compliments, she has decided to always wear it to attract more of such words from her hubby who is old enough to be her grandfather.

She took to her Instagram page to write, “Whenever I wear jalabiyas, my husband would always reign praises of how elegant and classy I look so I can keep wearing it whether it suits me or not”.

According to Wikipedia, the jellabiya, also jalabiya or galabeya is a loose-fitting, traditional Egyptian garment from the Nile Valley, also traditionally worn in Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea. The colorful Egyptian style is worn by both men and women.

See her post below;


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