“Why should an animal be your bestie when there’re so many human beings around?” – Fan quizzes Lydia Forson after posting dog as her bestie

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Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has been quizzed by a fan as to why she has settled on a dog as her bestie when there are so many human beings around.

This question came after the 36-year old spinster shared photos on her Twitter timeline describing her dog as her bestie.

This fan thought Lydia Forson should certainly be having a human being as a bestie (preferably a man) especially when she is single and may be dealing with severe boredom.

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Well, Lydia Forson is one of the strongest feminists who is very unapologetic about her view on misogyny and patriarchy.. which may have motivated her to choose a young dog as her bestie.

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