Why Xenodzi Scientific Medi-Herbs is Stored in stainless metal bottles

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Xenodzi Scientific Medi-Herbs

Plastic bottles used to store antiviral medicine may lead to long term health risks, especially to women and children causing cancer, birth defects.

A Ghanaian Scientist has discovered that Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles used for storing antiviral medicines pose a health hazard to people, especially to women and children.

Research has shown that the release of bisphenol A (BPA) and additives like di-ethylhexyl phthalate can blend with the contents and lead to health issues like impaired immune development, increased miscarriage rates, pre-term birth, and low birth weight.

BPA acts as a faux-estrogen, and can cause chromosomal abnormalities, birth defects and developmental disabilities in uterus and childhood.”

It must be added that exposure to these faux-estrogens in the uterus can cause early onset of puberty and increase the infant’s risk of prostate or breast cancer as an adult.

BPA exposure is also linked with hyperactivity disorders and aggressive behaviour in young girls.

In Ghana, PET bottles are used in 70 per cent pediatric and liquid geriatric formulations.

However, it must be noted that terephthalic acid (TPA), a major chemical precursor of PET containers used for storing food and beverages, increases chances of breast cancer. Experts tested PET bottles for permissible levels of terephthalates, antimony, acetaldehyde etc. for storage at around 20 degrees Celsius.

Ghana’s Klikor King, Torgbi Xenodzi Dogbey II, Dufia of Klikor and Ghanaian Scientist advises the Ghanaian health Ministry to take his research seriously to save women and Children as he himself produced his Potent Anti-viral medicine, Xenodzi Scientific Medi-Herbs in a stainless bottle to protect the potency of the medicine and the populace, but also said subsequent ones may come in glass bottles as well.

Xenodzi Scientific Medi-Herbs is currently with the FDA for approval after passing all three laboratory tests, Toxicological, pH and aerobic Microbiology at the Plant Scientific Research Centre, Mampong which tests took six(6) months, June 2020 – November 2020.

In an exclusive interview with the Ghanaian Klikor King and Scientist, Torgbi Xenodzi Dogbey II disclosed that Ghana will win the War against Viruses in the Country soon.

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