‘Why You Should Stop Holding Fart’- Ghanaian Doctor Advises

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To those who due to situational factors, feel restricted to pass gas, a Ghanaian doctor called Richard Owusu Nyarko has offered tangible reasons why you should let it all out from today forward. 

According to the health expert, one should not feel shy or ashamed when he/she is not able to control farts and pass out gas even in the midst of people or in public because it keeps as in good health.

He indicated that naturally, gas is formed from the body’s digestion process and if is not let out, it will find its way back to the gastrointestinal tract causing bloating, pain, burping, abdominal distension. Richard Owusu Nyarko added that gas pains can be so severe and interfere with one’s ability to function well.

Holding on gas causes pressure in the rectum and intestines and can cause hemorrhoids or even distended bowel with its complications if not attended to by medical experts”, Apart from farting freely, he advises that “It’s healthy to sniff or smell gas or farts from others once in a while. Gases from our gut have chemicals like hydrogen sulfide which are toxic in large amounts, traces released are also beneficial in the sense that it protects against cell damage and can prevent strokes and heart attacks”.

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He further cautioned against keeping gases inside the system saying “Research has shown that if one is not passing gas at least five to ten times a day, one should increase his or her fiber intake.

Also passing gas can be a strong indicator to know how healthy one is, for example, if one’s gas or farts are so unpleasant, it may be an indication that one is eating too much red meat which can cause cancer in both men and women.

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Is a known fact that rich complex carbohydrates like beans, dairy products, wheat, soy, nuts and potatoes cause most gas so if one is passing of gas in excess one can reduce the intake of such foods. Others like carbonated drinks be it soda or beer do also increase stomach gas”.


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