My Wife Has Given Me The License To Kiss Other Ladies-Ramsey Noah

Veteran actor, Ramsey Noah who is well noted for his lover boy roles in movies has made an interesting statement regarding his job as an actor. He revealed that his wife doesn’t mind seeing him kiss girls in movies.

Speaking to Sunday Scoop, the handsome actor also said his wife has been able to keep their home together in the last fifteen years. He said:

“I am an actor and it is my job to make-believe. Whatever you see on screen is not the true picture, no matter how real it may seem. My wife knows this and I have her blessings to take on whatever role to further my career. She is one of my biggest fans and she corrects me if she feels I haven’t done anything right,”

On how he has been able to sustain his marriage over the years, he answered:

“I always tell people that women are responsible for keeping a marriage and my wife is the reason I still have a home. She is a special woman who is ever supportive and I can’t imagine how my life would look like without her. It is very essential for entertainers to be in relationships with people who understand them and are at peace with their jobs; that is the only way they can excel without being bugged down by domestic issues.




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