Saturday, December 5, 2020

“My Wife Told Her Friend That I Am Ugly & Only Married Me Because I’m Rich”–What Should I Do?

They say wonders never end and this true story is one of the reasons why wonders may truly never end! A man has shared his story with a Facebook user about how his wife told her friend that, he was ugly and that she only married him because of his money.

From the story, it appears the man is hurt not just because his wife told someone else that he’s ugly but also blamed him for being responsible for them having an ugly son as well.

According to the man who lamented the situation to this Facebook user, he said that his wife says she’s become a laughing stock because of their ugly son and that she doesn’t even like an Ewe man.

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Now this man wants to end the marriage and was seeking the opinions of others. What do you also think? Should he divorce her?

Read the full story below:

AG MYLL. Good evening. I’m so hurt to see a WhatsApp chat from my wife telling her bestie that she married me because of my wealth. I am too ugly that I gave her an ugly son making her a laughing stock among her peers. I have screenshot of the message and she doesn’t know I know. She also said she doesn’t even like Ewe man.

I don’t think I can live with such a woman, I want to take my “ugly” son and let her leave me in peace. I am embarrassed to show the message to family members and church elders who will only beg. She has unmarried friends and children as friends so I’m not surprised. Am I justified to let her go?


What would you do if you were in this man’s shoes?

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