Will be 30 next year, no marriage, no child; I always go to bed in tears — Lady shed tears

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A woman in her late twenties has lamented her lack of significance in life as she approaches the milestone of becoming 30 soon.

To this end, she was seen praying for healing over her unmarried and childless status in a viral video that has been making the rounds on social media.

The woman admitted that she is particularly concerned about becoming older since she feels helpless as she goes to bed crying.

In her opinion, life has become almost meaningless as she has no man in her life and yet to start raising a family of her own and this is something that is eating her up.

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“Will be 30 next year, no marriage, no child; I always go to bed in tears. Heal my heart Lord,” she wrote.

In other intriguing reports shared previously on www.Ghbase.com a mother using the handle @dcounty93 on Twitter shared a humorous tale about how her son’s teacher constantly consumes his lunch.

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She explained that although her son rarely ate dinner at home, he always returned with an empty flask when his lunch box is packed with meals.

The woman dropped this information after another woman revealed that her son barely eats at home but his meals for school finish in no time and his flask is empty when he returns home.

“I don dey wonder say how come my Pikin dey clear her food for school on a steady but not a heavy eater in the house. So Una dey chop their food. Welldone,” the woman wrote.

Responding to the thread, the Nigerian lady shared thus;

“Thank you 😂one time I packaged boiled unripe plaintain and egg/vegetable sauce ! Knowing fully well my son hates unripe plantain … Lo and behold brethren 😂he came back with an empty Flask… that was when I knew this teachers are eating good !”

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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