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Kumasi based movie actress Vivian Jill Lawrence is not the kind of woman who is likely to spend a pesewa on her lover man and she makes that very clear responding to questions about her man.

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According to her, she is very stingy when it comes to giving out money to her man.

 “I don’t think I can spend my money on any man no matter how much i love him and no matter how broke he maybe” she told showbiz last Saturday.

“Whatever money i make now is for the upkeep of myself and my son and also for my future. Probably, the most i can do for my man in terms of spending will be providing him with food and drink but not cash” Vivian said with a laugh.

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1947927_516292828490588_312302172_nShe revealed that she is single because she has not met the right man she wants to settle down with. She said many men have come her way and she often sends them away. Vivian who was born to a Scottish father and a Ghanaian mother said that she finds it rather easy breaking up relationships with men.  “Although I am very caring and give all the attention to my man whenever I find myself in a relationship, it is simple for me to say it is over. I often do that through whatsapp messages, text or on facebook. Usually, i tell them it is over the men think I am joking until i start avoiding them, then they realize i am serious.

“My friends tell me i am crazy when it comes to breaking up with men but the fact is, i am principled person and never want to be taken for granted. i will not allow a man to kill me before my time. if i feel i don’t find you interesting again, you will go.

Vivian, who is a mother of 16 says she is bidding her time until Mr. right shows up, she says her family and friends continue to mount pressure on her to settle down especially now that she is making money from her career.

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Because of her stand-off stance, Vivian sometimes tagged as a lesbian but when she was asked, she denied it.


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