Will You Allow Your Boyfriend Travel In Your Place If The Opportunity Arises?

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Sometimes we are forced to make certain difficult life choices at the expense of our happiness.

A young lady who  shared her experience with us last week narrated how she lost her chance to travel abroad to work.

The lady who only gave her name as Victoria, explained that, she had applied to a job in the UK and after waiting for three years, she finally got the call to come and work. All her expenses and accommodation was taken care of by the company and she was supposed to work there for 5 years.


But unfortunately for this lady, her boyfriend was unhappy after she told him of the opportunity. After deliberating over the issue with her mother, Victoria decided to allow her boyfriend whose name she gave as  Mark to travel in her place with the promise of returning home after settling down and take her with him.

Well, as you can tell from the narration, things didn’t go as planned. It has been ten good years since Victoria heard from Mark and she is still waiting for him.

Now the question is, if given the same opportunity will you allow your boyfriend travel or you’ll go yourself? Share your thoughts with us.

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