I Wish I Brought Sarkodie Into The LimeLight- K.K Fosu

kk fosu

“Nobody Knows tomorrow” is a popular saying and indeed, no one can really tell what would happen to anyone the next minute. K.K Fosu known for his smash hit “Anadwo ye de” has expressed in a recent interview that, he has regretted not bringing Sarkodie into the limelight, back then when he was a nobody.

In an interview with Accra Fm, KK Fosu, recounted how Sarkodie’s sister used to worry him, just for him to push her little brother, Obidi back then.

K.K Fosu mentioned that, his busy schedules back then, prevented him for helping Sarkodie back then, who’s now the biggest artiste in Ghana right now.

“I knew Sarkodie when he was a little  boy. His sister, Kyweiwaa was then my friend. Sarkodie in those days was poised  for doing music but one thing was that he was in school and again not up to the task because we were hot like he’s now. His sister was all the time calling on us to help his brother but he was not regular at home because of his schooling. That’s one thing I regret. I wish I had brought Sarkodie to the limelight. Anyways. thanks to Dr. Duncan for showing him to the world”

He however advised his fellow musicians to help the upcoming generations since no one knows what the future holds.

Now that’s something we can all learn from, Never despise someone or think that, you are superior than anyone. What do you think ? Drop your comments now .

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