The Witchcraft Storylines In Kumawood Prevents Me From Acting With Them – Martha Ankomah

Actress Martha Ankomah has admitted that while she loves the storylines of Kumawood movies, but thinks the use of witchcraft and juju do not make sense. This, she noted, is part of the reasons why she is unable to feature in any Kumawood movies.


In an interview on Hitz FM, she said “I love Kumawood movies but what I dislike about their movies is the fetish stuff they inculcate into them. “Apart from that, I love their storylines and they use to have really good movies like ‘Kumasi y)nko)’ but of late most of their movies portray witchcraft and that does not motivate me to shoot with them,”


This notwithstanding, she said if she gets “a very good Kumawood story without witchcraft maybe I’ll consider it. I’m not scared and it is not against my beliefs but for me, it sincerely doesn’t make sense.”


The actress, who recently inaugurated her Martha Ankomah Foundation, went on to speak about some of the challenges faced by both the Ghanaian and Nigerian movie industries. According to her, Ghanaians are tired of watching movies with the same storylines thus the low patronage.


“The truth of the matter is, people, say our movie industry is going down but I think we are working on it now suffice to say the problem is with the kind of movies we shoot now.


“I guess people are tired of all these old love stories and so some of us are trying to talk to the producers and directors to shoot very good movies. I mean movies with good moral values, movies that people can watch and learn something from and so that is what we are working on,” she noted.


Martha Ankomah added “my biggest challenge is that we don’t really get roles like we used to especially those of us who go to Nigeria.”


“Nigerians pay very well but right now their economy is in a very bad shape and even when they call you, they would want to pay you very well but after calculating all that you’ve had to put into travelling and all, you’ll realise you’re on a losing end and wouldn’t want to go after all,” she added.

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