“With No Wigs And Make-ups For Men, If A Man Is Ugly He Is Ugly; The Only Thing That Can Save Him Is Money”-AY Comedian

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The ugliest of women could look very attractive, and that is not because of some recreation or remoulding, it is just that there are wigs and make-ups they could put on to look beautiful but no such things exist for men. That makes it difficult being a man, according to AY Comedian.

The Nigerian comedian, radio and TV presenter, AY Comedian believes that being a man is not easy and that if you are ugly, you are just ugly, nothing can change you because there are no wigs and make-ps for men.

AY Comedian did say that the only thing that could save a man is money.

If a man has money, it doesn’t matter how ugly he is, he will always get people to clamour around him for his attention.

“Being a man is not easy, no make-up, no wig… If you’re ugly, you are UGLY.

Nothing can save you except MONEY,” AY Comedian wrote on his Twitter timeline.



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