With or without my input, Sarkodie’s Album would still be a hit – Black Sherif

The Artiste of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), Black Sherif, has responded to the allegations that the success of Sarkodie’s “Jamz” album would not have occurred without his contribution.

On the “Jamz” album, Black Sherif and Sarkodie’s song “Country Side” immediately rose to the top of the charts, prompting some fans to speculate that Black Sherif’s involvement significantly influenced the album’s overall appeal.

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However, Black Sherif in an interview with MzGee on United Showbiz took the opportunity to clarify his stance on these claims, emphasizing that the album would have attained its current status with or without his involvement.

“It would have been what it will be. Music is a spiritual thing. From my lens, Albums and singles are babies. I don’t know his destiny. If I wasn’t on it, I don’t know his destiny, so whatever the album would have been, would have been,” he stated during the interview.

Black Sherif further acknowledged Sarkodie’s extensive experience and career longevity, noting that the acclaimed rapper had been making music for years before he entered the picture. He expressed humility by stating that he would not presume to dictate the success or failure of Sarkodie’s album, stating, “Am I the one to come and tell him that without me, his album would go nowhere? We don’t talk like that. I’ve just been here for four years, subtract it from his [Sarkodie’s] years.”

Born Mohammed Ismail Sharrif, Blacko, 21 in an earlier interview on TV3 also explained why he failed to join Sarkodie to perform ‘Countryside’ at the recently held VGMAs.

“I am a big fan of Sarkodie. I wanted to sit and experience him perform,” Black Sherif said.



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