Wiyaala on why she says she’s NOT married although she has a husband (Video)

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Ghanaian singer Noella Wiyaala has explained why she sometimes say that she’s not married although it’s known that she got married in a private ceremony with basically just 3 people in attendance.

The singer who was speaking on a show on Adom TV, disclosed that, in her culture, when a lady is married, she’s usually taken round the community so everyone there knows that, the said lady is married so everyone should back off.

According to her, she has not undergone that ceremony yet, so her people don’t see her as a married man, so if any man comes to ask for her hand in marriage from her people, they would accept because she has not fulfilled tradition.

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From the way Wiyaala spoke in that interview, it suggests that she admits that she can’t be called a married woman yet per their customs as even in one of the videos that was shown during the interview, she was seen escorting a lady who got married and was undergoing that same ceremony of being introduced to the whole community.


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“They will have to take me around the whole village to show I am married. For now, I am as free as a bird but on the English level I am kind of married but the man will have to send the cola nuts to do the proper knocking.”

Well, we don’t even know who this man is—We mean her husband, so we can’t tell whether he will ever go and partake in this ceremony.

Watch the video below:

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