So Does Wiz Khalifa Want Amber Rose Back? He’s Answered It In A Tweet

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This is something that most people have been waiting for!. Does Wiz Khalifa want his ex-wife Amber Rose back?

Umm, don’t count on it, because it appears it’s not going to happen.

Responding to a tweet where someone told him to “get your wife back” Wiz made his intentions clear: “No thanks,” he wrote.

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The response came after a string of tweets were the rapper talked about seeing his son, Sebastian and seemed to reference issues he was having with Amber.

Wizkhalifa accused his ex-wife, Amber for spiting his son against him and calls her a foul creature.

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With the way things are, we don’t see any light at the end of their love tunnel. The last time, Amber Rose mentioned on Instagram that she wanted Wiz Khalifa back soon badly.


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