Woman alleges Kanye West told her to tw3k naked in Future’s Miami studio

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A woman has shared a bizarre claim online saying rapper Kanye West asked her to twerk naked in Future’s Miami studio.

Identified as She A Greek Freak on Instagram, the lady made the wild allegation on Sofia F Podcast. She said when Kanye brought the offer, she had thought she was going to get an opportunity to see him work and also show him her music.

“I met him that night, got his number, he like went back to L.A and the next time he was in Miami he was like ‘come over to Future’s house like we’re in the studio.’

So I go there pulling up, cause like they’re in the studio I want to see them make music and I want to show him my music,” she said.

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She A Greet Freak said despite the subtle insult the request emitted, she obliged without blinking an eyelid.

“He literally has me come in the studio and get butt a** naked and just like twerk in front of him and all of his friends,” she said.

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“He says ‘get naked’, and I was like ok,” she said Kanye told her as soon as she arrived.

When asked about it, the woman said she was twerking around the studio and not trying to disturb the rapper.

“He was working on his album Donda 2 so like it was loud and I didn’t want to be like…just want to be a fly on the wall,” she continues.

She has now been identified as Aliza Jane. Meanwhile both Future and Kanye have not responded to this claim.

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