Woman and her 5 kids sleep outside as her husband brings side chick home

Sisanda Hlabangane, a South African woman, recently shared a sad video on TikTok, depicting her and her five children enduring the harsh weather conditions outside.

This unfortunate situation arose after her husband’s betrayal, as he brought his side chick into their matrimonial home. In a symbolic act, Sisanda had previously posted a video where she removed her wedding ring, signifying the end of her ten-year-long marriage.

This video sparked a contentious debate, with some individuals questioning her decision to have multiple children.

Responding to a comment from a TikTok user identified as @thatsibusisom, Sisanda, known as @sisandamtshali on the platform, candidly expressed the depth of her disdain for her husband. In a text overlay on the video, she revealed, “Yesterday, me and his kids had to sleep outside because he came home with his girlfriend.”

Sisanda’s post garnered over 1.7 million views, prompting more than 6,000 people to share their opinions. Many were appalled by the father’s actions and his extramarital affair.

Princess_Mo questioned the morality of a woman who would subject another woman and children to such a traumatic experience. “What kind of woman puts another woman and kids through such a traumatic experience? And do you think tomorrow he won’t do the same or worse to you,” she wrote.

@Shad empathized with the lasting impact on the children, emphasizing that such events are not easily forgotten. “What hurts most is your kids will never forget this,” the user lamented.

@gontle❤ directed a question at other women, urging them to reflect on the situation and consider the possibility of similar treatment in their own lives. “How do you feel as a woman seeing this being done to another woman? What makes you think he can’t do this to you next?” she quizzed.


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