Woman buys new iPhone 13 despite her husband not being able to pay their rent

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Owing house rent with the possibility of being thrown out and purchasing an expensive smartphone such as an iPhone 13 the next minute is the dumbest thing one could ever do, right?

But that is exactly what this Naija woman did when her husband is thinking of where to find money to pay their house rent.

The one who shared this story on social media is a brother to the man whose financial status has hit south.

The narrator known as Uzoma said his brother has gone broke as a result of some business issues which could not be sorted out before the rent expired.

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However, while he was wondering how to find the money, his wife splashed thousands of naira to purchase an iPhone 13.

Uzoma wrote; ”Rent was due, my bro was broke (business issues), his wife bought a brand new iPhone 13. I am in awe.”

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See reactions the post triggered;

mzolah30; How about we ask your (Bro) has he been a sacrificial giver to his wife too??? Another angle

king_jozef; Well he married ‘ your money is our money, my money is my money ‘…. He should have asked her serious questions but he concentrated on her big yansh and big brezz . He should allow her use her phone in peace abeg ,let him Goan find a way to pay the rent

i_amdella; There’s a story behind every post , ya’ll should getat.

tommie_pearl_jewelry; Kudos to the wife i wish i acted like that too …exactly my story rent was due and he was broke …I struggled and assisted him lol. He got back to his fit and started giving money out to other girls neglecting me or even appreciating what i did …some man shouldnt be helped.

khlear0705; No Empathy!!!!! Marrying a kind person is very important!

flawlesskayc; How does your brother treat her? I mean a wife “wife” would be so mean to do that.. so….?

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