Woman dies from internal bleeding in the skull after severe beatings from her husband

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A woman has met her untimely death to severe beatings from her husband that caused her to bleed internally in the skull.

Her case can be compared to Nigerian Gospel musician, Osinachi who suffered the same fate after she was constantly beaten by her husband but kept it on the low herself for fear of being ridiculed.

The above news was shared by a Twitter user who revealed how a woman was rushed to the hospital and was confirmed dead following repeated beatings she allegedly received from her husband.

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@Biraphil narrated that he was in the hospital to see his mum when he ran into the husband wailing after he was informed of his wife’s passing.

However, it turned out it was the result of the man’s severe beatings that sent the wife to her early grave.

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Biraphil said he got to know the cause of the woman’s death after the man’s sister stated that he refused to listen when he was repeatedly warned to stop beating his wife. 

The Twitter user stated that surprisingly, the abusive husband is in his 60s and this got him wondering how a man of his age can beat the wife so much to cause her to die.

He said doctors disclosed that the woman died of internal bleeding in the skull.

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