Woman dumps her boyfriend after he asked her to buy PS5 for him

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A Nigerian woman has taken to Twitter to describe how her relationship started and ended abruptly because of a demand made by her lover.

According to the young woman going by the name Oge, her boyfriend asked her to buy him a Playstation 5 two weeks into their relationship.

She claimed that since he wanted the expensive game console as a birthday present, he had been pestering her about it.

He kept reminding her by sending her tweets, videos, and pictures of other women giving their boyfriends PS5 consoles even though she was unable to buy it for her partner.

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According to Oge, she felt pressured to vanish since she couldn’t foresee being able to purchase a PS5, which costs hundreds of thousands of naira.

She wrote: “Remember This Guy I Tried Dating And Two Weeks In, Baba Casually Asked Me To Get Him A Ps5 For His Birthday, From Casually, It Turned To Harassment, He Reminds Me Everyday, Sends Me Random Ps5 Pictures, Tweets And Videos Of Women Buying It For Their Men.

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Omo, I Vanished. Still Wondering Why He Thought I Had That Kind Of Money 😩 More Than Half A Million Naira? Ah!”

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