Woman Given A ‘Professional’ Slap For Almost Ruining A Birthday Surprise (Video)

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A lady was given a hefty slap for almost ruining a birthday party that had been premeditated for one of their friends and the video that accompanies this report has evoked mixed feelings from netizens. 

Apparently, the celebrant was unaware of what was in store for her as all the people involved in the surprise party hid in the room with the light turned off while waiting for her arrival.

However, one of her friends entered the room first, but instead of waiting for the celebrant to enter before saying anything, she tried to sing the birthday song.

In furtherance of this, before she could finish delivering the first line of the popular song, one of the ladies who was recording the scene landed one slap on her cheek to send her faculties back to default settings.

Shortly after the slap, the celebrant entered the room to the warm embrace of friends and happy birthday wishes. Watch the video below;

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