Woman narrates how she ‘died’ but her son never helped her or called the police

A lady who was trying to see how smart and thoughtful her son is conducted a simple experiment to that effect. 

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The woman, identified simply as Sarae however did not like the outcome of the test as the son, Micah failed to help her out when she faked her own death, neither did he call the police.

She claimed Micah only expressed shock for a few seconds before returning to the iPad he was playing with.

The more shocking detail was that Micah sat on the head of his supposedly dead mother without even thinking of calling for help.

Sarae narrated; ”One time I faked died in front of Micah to see what he would do and he said “oh no, mummy died”. Then SAT ON MY HEAD and continued playing on his iPad. I taught him how to dial 999 that day.

The joke is he used to dial 999 so much for fun on my phone, that the police called back once and shouted at me I even waited to see how long he would stay on my head and I started suffocating???”

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