Woman publicly humiliated for stealing panties, see the explanation she gave that angered those who caught her- Watch

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A Nigerian lady was swiftly nabbed when she stole panties that rested comfortably on a drying line in the open. 

As depicted in the video added to this report, the lady was fiercely interrogated on why she decided to commit the act, perhaps to give her a fair hearing before deciding on whether to lynch her not.

She failed to give any tangible reason except a feeble explanation that when she passed under the line, water from the panties was dropping on her head so she decided to remove them.

Her explanation caused much fury as they realized she was rather patronizing them. One lady then asked her why she was heading home with the panties hinged on her own explanation.

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She was also asked if she was going to use them for rituals since they nor her size.

One of the guys however decided to beat her up but she knelt down and pleaded for leneiecy. Watch the video below;


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