Woman Reveals How Her Husband Narrowly Escaped Death By Listening To Her

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A woman has proven how safe the majority of men would be if they listened to the wise counsel of their wives.

Narrating her story on Facebook, the lady disclosed that her husband had gone for lunch with his close friend.

But for some reason, his friend decided to buy lunch for him instead. Her husband then called her to alert her of the new development.

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In her own words; “My husband and I don’t hide anything from each other so he called me to tell me that his friend decided to buy me lunch. I told him to change the plates when the food is served”.

Even though her husband found her suggestion silly, he will go ahead to change his plate with his friend’s own without his knowledge.

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They ate their food and went back to work. When her husband got home, everything was fine until they received a call that her husband’s friend has died as a result of food poisoning.

She then advised married men to learn to listen to the wise counsels of their wives if they want to live longer.

Read her story below;

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