Woman Says She Slept One Day And Woke Up With American Accent- Watch Video

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A Ugandan woman by name Victoria Aiko has caused a stir online when she explained in an interview to a local TV station that the American accent she now has come to her naturally when she woke up one day.

According to Victoria, it was God who equipped her with this ‘rare gift’ because he works in mysterious ways.

She told Urban TV: “God does extraordinary stuff, right? So I just woke one morning and the accent just came on and I was like ‘okay’ and people started saying ‘Hey what’s up with it?’ And I was like ‘I don’t know!’ because I did not even realize I was speaking like this… so its God.”

The Ugandan lady claimed she has a good relationship with God because she got born again in 2003.

Watch the video below:

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