If I knew you were a mechanic, I wouldn’t have allowed my daughter to marry you- Woman tells son-in-law

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A Nigerian woman who uses the Twitter handle Onah Debbie has described how her friend’s brother married a woman who later swindled him.

As deduced from the emotional post uploaded on Twitter, the lady claimed that after being married at the start of the year, the couple began to plan their trip abroad. To pay for their relocation, the man sold the majority of his properties, but he retained the proceeds in her account.

Speaking further, Debbie said the couple decided that the wife would go to the UK first and the husband would follow later. Sadly, the woman filed for divorce from her husband when she arrived in the UK.

It seems that she had other ideas. He reported it to his wife’s mother because he was perplexed by what she had done, but she stood by her daughter and claimed that she would not have approved of their union had she known he was a mechanic.

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Onah_Debbie wrote; ”It’s really unfair.. a lady who got married to my friends brother early this year, don’t know what their agreement was (Husband & wife) but after the wedding, he sold most of his property so he & he wife could relocate to the UK, the whole money that was realized was kept in the Wife’s account, & they agreed she travelled First & the husband will join her later.

Madam got there & filed for divorce, not getting the point, husband called mother in-law & all she had to say was ” if I knew u were a mechanic I wouldn’t allow my daughter marry u..!”

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