Fear woman: Moment CCTV exposes lady spiking a man’s drink in a club and acting all innocent (Watch)

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In a video we have obtained from the internet purported to have originated from Kenya, a woman has been seen on camera spiking her lover’s drink while they were both in a club. 

The CCTV footage shared online shows the man who seems to be in his 50s, enjoying drinks with the diabolical woman who he invited over for a weekend rendezvous.

While they were enjoying their drinks in a club or probably a pub, the man excused himself to visit the washroom.

That moment was cunningly seized by the woman who had hidden a concoction, drugs, charm or whatever in her bra which she brought out and put some in the man’s drink, while cautiously looking over her shoulders to see if anyone was watching her.

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The man who suspected no foul play returned to enjoy his drink, sending netizens into a state of anxiety on what could happen to him thereafter.

Watch the video below;

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