Cunning woman steals phone of man who offered her a lift, man won’t stop crying as he says it’s his only property 

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A man has revealed how his only property was stolen from him by a lady to who he was merely trying to be nice. 

According to the man identified as Dayo Oladayo, he offered a woman a lift after going to his French class, but she stole his phone which was in the car.

The distraught man shared his story on social media, saying he has been left in anguish because the phone is the only property he inherited from his late father.

His sad story shared on social media reads;

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”Gave a woman a lift yesterday while going for my French class and she stole my phone. The phone I inherited from my dad. The only possible way I still hear my dad’s voice is gone. This hurts me so much”

He added; ”To even think the woman is over 40 years and definitely not in the age bracket I want to mess with. It’s funny. Almost every morning, I make sure I help random people in the bus stop to their nearest destination. So its no big deal.”

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See how some social media users reacted below..

@naikiadex; So sorry for your loss but pls don’t stop doing good. In due time, you will reap.

@DoctorEmto; If I say what’s on my mind eh? Anyways sorry about that. Now you know better…

@ejiogbenimi; My wife gave a man lift yesterday. The guy cleared her bag. He stole About 30k. We were neighbors before we moved to our house. I’ll trace the guy go him papa house this weekend. We ain’t gonna see the cash collect but at least, we’ll let his parents know say their pikin na thief

@Formodernwoman; Sorry about that…. You should try tracking it

@bhee_hi; Hopefully, she will be remorseful to somehow return it. Imagine running into difficulty & hardship because of your own kleptomaniac fingers.

@marygrace_100; Someone stole the offerings and money gifted my cousins at my uncle’s wake keeping service. People no longer have conscience.

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