Woman storms social media to complain her husband attends church too much

An anonymous Nigerian woman recently opened up about her struggles after marrying a devoutly religious man.

She wrote a heartfelt letter to life coach Dr. Shola, explaining how her husband dedicates himself to church activities and serves their pastor diligently without receiving any payment for his services.

As a mother of four, she expressed her concerns about her husband’s decision to work as the pastor’s driver and protocol officer instead of finding a regular job, simply because he enjoys “working for God.”

Even though she expressed her complaints during a counseling session with the pastor, he suggested that she should not dissuade her husband from pursuing this line of work due to several reasons.

Additionally, the pastor encouraged her to consider the long-term implications of dissuading her husband. He reminded her that relationships thrive on mutual support and understanding.

By supporting her husband’s aspirations, she would be fostering a stronger bond between them, built on trust and respect. On the other hand, if she were to discourage him, it could potentially create resentment and strain in their relationship, which could have far-reaching consequences.

She wrote; “I married a church man, this man will go to church every day of the week. I He is our pastor’s driver with no salary. He is our pastor’s protocol officer. He will stand in front and behind our pastor throughout the service.

He refused to get a real job because he wanted to work for God. We booked a counseling meeting with the pastor and he told me never to stop my husband from working for God. Dr. Shola, won’t it be good if God is paying him a salary? We have bills to pay and 4 kids to train.”

Despite her complaints during the counseling session, the pastor advised her against dissuading her husband from pursuing his chosen line of work.

He emphasized the importance of supporting one another’s dreams, considering the potential positive impact he could have on others, and fostering a strong and trusting relationship. Instead, he encouraged them to find a compromise that would address her concerns while still allowing her husband to pursue his passions.


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