Woman Undergoes Bortos Enlargement Procedure With Clay Pot, Naija Comedian Reacts (+Video)

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There’s this trending video online which sees one ‘faceless’ woman undergoing an a*s enlargement with the use of a clay pot, causing massive reactions from several quarters.

This sort of enlargement as the video portrayed involves smothering and removal of the dead skin which is burnt off. Nigerian comedian, Okey Bakasi also chanced on the video, wondered if the procedure is for beauty or longevity, stated that body parts are as valuable as the owner.

Okey Bakassi therefore advised ladies considering an a*s enlargement to work hard, become successful and watch their flat ass sit with kings.

He wrote;

What people do for beauty…smh. Is this for beauty or longevity. I hope it’s for longevity because it doesn’t Matter for how long she cooks this ass, if you present this ass and $100, most guys will take the $100. Your body parts are as valuable as the owner. Work hard, be successful and watch your flat #ass sit with #kings #realitycheck.


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