How A Woman Wants To Be Bonked & You Have No Idea

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The word sex evokes an indescribable appetite in us. God created this beautiful thing to living things as a means of procreation and pleasure.

The desire for sekz brings out lots silly aspect of us. We have sekz with strangers at odd places and all that. Contrary to popular myth that men are the sekzual predators, we have evolved to hold the same status as males, meaning we love sekz just as much as men do.

We are comfortable demanding it aggressively and subtlety, debunking any myth that might hinder our sense of freedom. This phenomenon shouldn’t be misconstrued to mean we are ‘spoilt.’ Cultural and tradition have inhibited our liberty. When we desire and we go for it, we are labeled cheap.  

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According to a recent survey, from Kindara a fertility awareness app, what we want is to get laid- not only at least as much as our male partners do, but actually more often.

Our demand for equal right is unlimited, and in between the sheets we want to ooze and wield energy that defines the new woman. Climbing and sitting on top of the mountain of pleasure is our right. Thus men should have this knowledge and know that when they f*ck us, it is our legitimate right to experience that er*tic adventure that is not only reserved for p*rn stars. It belongs to all of us.

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I guess by now men know the difference between sekz and love-making. We want to be f*cked, yes but taking time to unleashing our raunchy instinct make us yearn for more. Before the ‘game’ itself starts, there should be that connection that will make the journey a jolly one. I particularly love following: talk dirty, pull my hair, play with my breast (my nipples), spank my ass, (not so hard though) then you begin fuck the hell out of me.

And you know what they say? Ladies first. Wait till I come before you do. A good gentleman does that. Having finished with the hanky-panky, make sure to treat me as a queen and not go to off and sleep immediately.

Good sekz makes us lose our mind and make us think about our man always. So next time you are with your woman, make sure you take these simple tips I have provided. I guarantee she will forever remain by your side.

I will bring more gists in my next article. Keep reading.

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