Woman who got tattoo of favourite celebrity on the back chased out of her home by husband [Video]

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A no-nonsense husband has chased and kicked out his wife from their home after the woman had gone for the tattoo of her favourite celebrity on her back.

This incident which happened in Nigeria was as a result of fans showing solidarity to their favourite celebrities by getting their tattoos on their bodies in exchange for money.

This woman went ahead to draw the face of a Nigerian politician Tinubu on her back with the hope of getting some monetary favours from him.

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No sooner had she got home than his husband chased her out of the house. This distraught man could not understand why his wife will involve herself in such a craze.

In a video making rounds on social media, she could be heard narrating to someone how the tattoo is the reason she is hiding her head under a shelter other than her husband’s roof.

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Watch Video Below:




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