Woman who was secretly impregnated by doctor 45 years ago awarded over $5.25 million

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An American woman and her husband found out to their horror that the sperm the doctor inseminated her with was his own sperm and not a random person they both agreed on.

The woman identified, Cheryl Rousseau has therefore been awarded $5.25 million (39,000,000) by a court after the doctor used his own sperm to impregnate the woman on her blind side.

People report that the sum of $250,000 (1,800,000) was in compensatory damages while $5 million (38,450,000) was given in punitive damages against doctor John Coates of Vermont.

Per the report we gathered from USA Today, the doctor secretly used his own sperm during the process. Before the process, it was agreed that an unnamed medical student’s sperm would be used.

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In 2018, Cheryl and her husband, Peter, however, found out that John was the actual father of their daughter.

His license was taken The family sued him for fraud, and breach of contract, among others. Peter was later removed from the lawsuit when it was established that, unlike his wife, he did not suffer any damages.

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Cheryl’s lawyer, Celeste Laramie, said: “The jury through its punitive damages verdict sent a message to any physicians who might think about lying to their patients or using their own semen to inseminate their patients. Such behavior will have serious consequences.”

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