Women are now into money rituals than men – Bishop Ajagurajah reveals

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The founder and head of the Ajagurajah Movement, Bishop Ajagurajah, has made a startling admission concerning Ghanaian women.

In an exclusive interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM, Bishop Ajagurajah claimed that Ghanaian ladies are now more interested Sika Duro (Blood Money) than their male counterparts.

According to Bishop Ajagurajah’s astonishing exposé, some of these women execute rituals to increase their fortune in the bathrooms of their lovers.

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He went on to say that some women now travel to Cameroon to bathe in a sacred river so that they may give their sugar daddy the “Do As I Say” directives that allow them to purchase pricey vehicles and homes.

Bishop Ajagurajah said that he received the tip-off from a woman who belongs to this occultic organization consisting of women who are trying to get wealthy in any way possible.

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The outspoken man of God claimed that most of our female celebrities are part of this hidden organization and engage in practices like using feces in ceremonies.

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